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Dr. Roddy McMillanFacial Pain - Private Care 

Dr. Roddy McMillan



Consultant and Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow in Oral Medicine and Facial Pain

Professional Background


Roddy McMillan is a Consultant and Honorary Clinical Fellow in Oral Medicine and Facial Pain at the Royal ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals, University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He works as a physician within the world renowned Facial Pain Multidisciplinary Team at the Eastman Dental Hospital. 


He originally studied dentistry at the University of Glasgow and Medicine at the University of Birmingham. Moreover, he has obtained his Membership to the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England (2005), Fellowship of Dental Surgery (Oral Medicine) at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (2013) and Fellowship to the Higher Education Authority (2013). Roddy has worked in a range of fields including hospital medicine and general practice dentistry prior to completing his specialist training in Oral Medicine at the Eastman Dental Hospital.


His present role includes the treatment of oral medicine and facial pain patients, in addition to being actively involved in research and clinical teaching. Roddy has published widely in the fields of facial pain, oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery and medical education. In addition, he has conducted lectures and presentations at national and international scientific meetings. Currently, Roddy is heavily involved in involved in postgraduate training and assessment; he has examined for both the MJDF and ORE examinations, and has been appointed by Health Education England as the Oral Medicine Training Programme Director for London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  Roddy currently is on the Council for the British & Irish Society for Oral Medicine, and as part of this role is involved in development of the United Kingdom and Ireland Oral Medicine training curriculum. Formerly he was a board member for the European Association of Oral Medicine, and currently sits on the United Kingdom's Specialty Advisory Committee for Oral Medicine.


Dr. McMillan is registered with the United Kingdom's General Medical Council (GMC) and General Dental Council (GDC):


GMC registration number:       7038778

Registered with a licence to practise



GDC registration number:       77594

Registered Specialist in Oral Medicine


Dr. McMillan's Publications


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This website is solely for the purpose of Dr. McMillan's private care facial pain clinic and is not related to his National Health Service (NHS) commitments.





Facial Pain

Facial pain conditions can be very disabling and often result in negative impact upon a patient's quality of life. These conditions are often misdiagnosed, which can lead to costly and irreversible dental treatment, or surgery and delays in receiving appropriate management.


The facial pain clinic diagnoses and manages a wide range of facial pain conditions such as: 

pain-related temporomandibular disorder (TMD)

burning mouth syndrome

persistent idiopathic facial pain (atypical facial pain)  

trigeminal neuropathic pain

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