Dr. Roddy McMillan Facial Pain - Private Care
Dr. Roddy McMillanFacial Pain - Private Care 

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Dr. Roddy McMillan

Department of Facial Pain


Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals

4th Floor Central

250 Euston Road




Email: roddymcmillan@nhs.net


Please note that the private facial pain clinic is unable to take telephone calls - communication is welcomed via email. Details of Dr. McMillan's privacy and complaints policy can be found within the terms of service.



Facial Pain

Facial pain conditions can be very disabling and often result in negative impact upon a patient's quality of life. These conditions are often misdiagnosed, which can lead to costly and irreversible dental treatment, or surgery and delays in receiving appropriate management.


The facial pain clinic diagnoses and manages a wide range of facial pain conditions such as: 

pain-related temporomandibular disorder (TMD)

burning mouth syndrome

persistent idiopathic facial pain (atypical facial pain)  

trigeminal neuropathic pain

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